Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another update

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Well - Chris and I finally finished all of our homestudy stuff and were "officially" approved to adopt on January 6th (we even have a certificate saying so!)

Ben turned one year old
Ben's party

and grandma turned 91
Grandma turns 91

took some portraits of people
Many faces of Sam (Sam-27)





Jake and Ford





Our school put on a holiday program starring the special education department (My class was featured in the song about Kwanzaa) -the show was awesome!!

Christmas program

and we made some cookies at school

and Mitsubishi, who has so generously given so much to our sped department already, gave us a Christmas party - and gave every sped student two amazing toys and gave each sped teacher awesome gifts as well!!
Mitsubishi party

Alanna came down from Illinois and spent the better part of 2 weeks with us, which was awesome ...
gingerbread house

We took her (and Susan) to see their uncles and grandpa while she was down here too ... (one of their uncles happens to be one of my very best friends from high school)

We celebrated Christmas many times - with just us

with my parents
Christmas at my parents'

my mom's family
Casper Christmas

Chris's dad and family
Christmas in TN

Chris's mom
Christmas with MeeMaw

and my great aunt
Aunt Lois

Then on New Years Eve, we gave the Brown children their Christmas gifts

and spent the night playing board games ringing in 2009.
New Years

That pretty much wraps up all that's happened in my life since the last post :-)

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