Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Attack, originally uploaded by MNicoleM.

Last night was our Christmas party for the faculty/staff of KES. We had it at the Georgia Club again - and after dinner we played a Christmas trivia game. Mr Butcher, our new principal, read questions aloud. Each team had to write the answer on a post it note and a team member had to bring the post it to Mr. Butcher - while wearing a Christmas bow on their head. The first team to reach him with the correct answer AND the bow got the point. Wow do we have some competitive teachers at our school! Poor Mr. Butcher was trampled several times lo. Now not to be a whiny sore loser or anything but my team *actually* won the game - the team who "won" the prize only had the bow on their head about half of the time they ran up with the answer, but they were awarded the point anyway - which seems unfair to me :-) But it was only a game, right? You can even see in the pictures above where Mr. Butcher is being advanced on by the maniacs that the "runner" from the "winning" team DOESN'T HAVE HER BOW ON!!!! Why even make that a part of the game if you aren't going to enforce the rule?!?!?! Sheesh. Not to mention that they weren't technically writing the answers down, they just wrote the first letter and then literally scribbled lines on the post-it. Oh well. It is only a game. Seriously, Nicole, it's just a game - get over it! Deep breaths now ...

Here are some more pics from the party:
Christmas Party


Beth said...

What kind of camera do you use?

Nicole said...

Rebel XTi