Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

mommy at dinner, originally uploaded by MNicoleM.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day - Chris and I took mom out to eat (she chose Cracker Barrel) and gave her some movies and a new webkinz :-) (and some clothes for her two webkinz).

In other news ....
I decided to join Weight Watchers with mama (inspired by Alex!) - I can't go to the meeting tonight, so I can't "officially" start until next week, but I started dieting and exercising today. I was SO proud when I lost 50 pounds last year, and in one year I've gained 40 of it back ... I know I can lose it, and when I lose it this time I'm going to KEEP IT OFF!!!!!

Also - turns out I don't have narcolepsy - but the doc still says my sleeping habits are quite abnormal so more tests are in order - the sleep study is almost 5 years old so I may have to do another one. We'll see! Meanwhile, I'll just be exhausted constantly :-) Hopefully the morning jog on the treadmill will increase my energy! And with Susan coming over in the evenings, it makes me stay up later and get things done, which is great.


Jackson turned two, Alex turns eight this week .... Kayla went to prom, George is graduating ... I'm SO OLD!!!

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