Sunday, May 4, 2008

KES Carnival


Friday night, we had our Spring Carnival at school - which I categorically hate anyway, but this year instead of having it on a Saturday morning we had it on Friday night. Which meant I spent 15 straight hours at work ... plus this year it was outside which was kinda hot and sweaty.

Four of my kiddos came - Daniel, Seth and the twins - and seemed to have fun. Susan went with me which meant she helped me run the booth when it was my turn so I could just sit and hold baby Jaden :-). Everyone brought their new babies except Dana (so there were 4 babies under 4 months old that I got to hold and play with) which was fun. So all in all, it was the least despicable carnival that we've had but it wasn't what I'd call fun lol

mother daughter luncheon

Then Saturday was the mother/daughter luncheon at church, which was nice. Every year it is kinda hard to hear the poems and scripture and all that about mothers and realize how much I want to be one ... to see the new mothers who have had babies in that year and I'm not one of them ... etc, And each year I think "maybe NEXT year I'll lbe a mother and a daughter at this thing ... " .. .so maybe NEXT year I will ...

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