Saturday, January 13, 2007


a few days went by there with no "daily" post lol

My parents just left to go on a "Blues Cruise" to St Croix, St Bart and somewhere else ... so I'll be spending a couple of nights at their house taking care of their (4) dogs - Chris is working from home this week so he'll be here to take care of our animals.

I've stuck to my diet and exercise and I'm very proud of myself - I haven't lost any more weight but it's "that time of the month" so I'm sure water retention explains that ...

I shocked the heck out of Chris this morning when I was up at 7am - he said "aren't you sleeping in? It's Saturday?" and I said "No, I have to walk on the treadmill!" (which I did for 30 minutes) - he was like "Where's my wife?? Who are you??" But he's proud of me too :)

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