Monday, January 8, 2007

Another boring day with nothing much to blog - this is why I always quit blogging! Why can't I be creative like all of the other people in the blogosphere who can wax poetically about nothing?
The kids came back to school today, and the day was overall very good - My new parapro did an awesome job, the kids were well behaved and happy to be back, no major tantrums or aggression - great way to start the new year!
I also had my first class this semester, which went OK - same prof as one of the classes I took last semester, and I made an A, so I should be alright :-) It's the first class of the single-case research series (do two classes count as a series?) - we design our research project this semester and then actually do it in the fall. It can count as our residency study (which sucks since I've already started my residency study lol) but not as our dissertation.
My weight is still going down, today I weigh 4.8 pounds less than I did last Tuesday (January 2nd), so that's exciting!
Sorry to live such a boring life :-)

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