Sunday, January 14, 2007


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Today we went to see Chris's Grandma - she celebrated her 89th birthday last week!
While Chris and his aunt, uncle and mom were outside, Grandma and I sat inside talking and she told me stories :-) She said that she should write a book that started like this:
"Once upon a time there was a little baby girl born in a log cabin back in the woods named Dolly Dimple. "

She told me stories about how the only way she had friends in school was by bringing bags of candy to give to people (bags of candy that she charged to her uncle's account at the grocery store!), about leaving her parents when she was 15 and getting married thinking she could be her own boss and how that plan backfired when her husband left her with a six week old baby. She told me lots of stories about her second husband who she would be celebrating her sixty second anniversary with had he not passed away several years ago.

It was fascinating! My dad's foster father died before I was born and his foster mother died when I was in 9th grade - my mom's mom died way before I was born and her dad also died when I was in 9th grade - so I never had grandparents around to tell stories like that (when they were around, I was too young to want to listen to and appreciate their stories!) so I really enjoyed listening to her.

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