Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I didn't come back and post last night because I honestly didn't do anything that I had planned on doing - which means lesson plans and stuff to train my new parapro have *got* to be done tonight since I go back to work tomorrow!

Good news!!! So far in the last 3 days I've lost 2.4 pounds - not much, I know, but enough to inspire me to continue!!

Today I went to the eye doctor ... the exam took about 10 minutes, the part where you get your head measured and all and process the insurance and check out took 2 hours ... the tech guy was SOOOO chatty! He talked to me about his ex girlfriend in high school, his pregnant wife, his coworker, his car, his trip to New Jersey, his new house, his friend's mom ... Literally two hours, no exaggerating! It was insane!! Then I did some shopping and came home.

I cleaned out my closet, I "flung" 10 pairs of pjs, 3 pairs of shoes and 64 items of clothing (shirts, pants, skirts, etc.) I also threw away some old ratty undies and socks. I really like to have all the closets and cabinets etc. cleaned out by NY eve so that I start the year out organized but with me being so sick lately it hasn't gotten done ... thankfully the kitchen and bathroom cabinets have stayed clean since last NY, so really all that I have left to do is one kitchen cabinet (there's still easter candy in it ...), one dresser drawer and the guest bedroom closet. Maybe it'll get done this weekend?

Breakfast today: cin. apple oatmeal, whole wheat toast w/ benecal, water
Lunch: tuna sandwich on whole wheat, french onion sun chips, baby spinach and carrot matchsticks with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, water
Dinner will probably be a frozen lean cuisine meal

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