Thursday, January 4, 2007

Hey - four days straight, I'm on a roll!! So today was the first day back for teachers, the whole day was spent training my new parapro. I think he's gonna work out well - I have a few reservations (apparently he let the f word fly in front of my other two paras on break when he was here observing and it offended them a little, we may have to chat about that) but he is eager to learn, seems to be picking up on things quickly and got along well with the kids.

One of my other paras told me today that her husband wants her to get another job making more money, which means I may lose another one ... and she's my favorite!! I really hope that she can convince him that the perks of the job (being at school w/ her kids, being off on the summers and school holidays, health insurance, etc.) are worth keeping the job with less money - they may be fostering and eventually adopting her neice, so he's worried about them having three kids and not being able to afford them, and I understand his concerns, I just really really don't want to lose her!

We had lunch at Barberito's but I still kept my daily caloric intake under 1300 and my cholesterol intake well under 200mg - and so far I have had at least 60ml of water every day this year :-) I'm proud of myself! Hopefully when I go back to the dr in April my cholesterol will be down and I will have lost some weight!

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