Tuesday, January 2, 2007

trip to the vet

trip to the vet, originally uploaded by MNicoleM.

We went to the vet today - I have to take the dogs separately because they have been known to get into some pretty nasty fights in the past when in stressful situations - two of them happened at the vet's office (I'm talking bad bloody at least one dog needed surgery afterwards fights, not just quarrels with growling). Anyway, now whenever we anticipate a stressful event we crate them - so when it's time to go to the vet, Faith gets crated while Buffy goes, then Buffy gets crated while Faith goes and then they both get crated for a while to calm down. So now "a quick trip to the vet" has evolved into an experience that takes an entire day, even if they're just getting their nails clipped!

Today is Soleil's 5th bird-day/hatch-day and the 5th anniversary of my wreck in which I almost died but didn't!

"I am committing to better self-management of my self-sabatoging behaviors". This is my new mantra, if you will, from my ADD coach. I have discovered that I tend to get sidetracked by nonessential things, especially when what I'm working on is not fun or easy ... I also tend to get lost in decision processes and never actually make decisions or get things done ... these are the self-sabatoging ADD behaviors that I am trying to change. Therefore, before I get sidetracked here blogging, I must go and start on the tasks remaining on my to-do list for the day. It is almost 7:00 and if I work for two hours I will have tackled most if not all of the things I set out to get done today :-) Yay me! Hopefully I'll be able to come back at 9:00 and post a celebration!

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