Friday, January 5, 2007

Well today we took my old parapro out for her "going away" lunch since we didn't get to go before the break, and we went to my *favorite* restaurant (Magnolia House) - it's a country cooking buffet - and I was not good ... I had two (fried) chicken tenders, probably 2 cups of (fried) okra, a little bit of creamed potatoes with butter, some mac and cheese and a biscuit ... then I had a helping of peach cobbler - a smaller helping than I would usualy have, but not just a bite either lol - so far I haven't had dinner and I've already consumed 2437 calories (eek!) But I keep telling myself that it's just a small setback ... I did still drink over 60 ml of water, ate my oatmeal for breakfast and will have something small and healthy for dinner ...

Tomorrow Chris and I are going to see 12 Angry Men at the Fox (we have season tickets since I love plays/musicals!) then I have a lot to do on Sunday ... for now I'm off to relax a bit!

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