Friday, January 19, 2007

my boring life

Well, all blogging seems to do is reiterate to me how boring my life is lol - nothing too exciting happened this week. Chris was working from home this week so he's been home, which is (mostly) nice. My parents have been gone (on a cruise) so I spent a couple of nights at their house taking care of their dogs. I've lost 13 pounds so far since Jan 2, which is exciting!! My short term goal was to lose 10 pounds in January - I've amended it to be 20 pounds by the end of January now. My long term goal is to have lost 44 pounds by the end of May and my longer term goal is to lose 100 pounds by the end of this year. That will put me back to my early college weight - at the time, I thought I was fat lol - now looking at the pictures I am pretty sure I was *hot* lol.

Progress on resolutions:
eat fewer than 2000 calories every day - I've kept it under 1500 most days, well under 2000 every day so far
walk the dogs at least 2 days a week - done this! actually walked them 3 times last week
walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill at least 4 days a week - done this!
drink at least 5 glasses (40 oz) of water each day - been drinking at least 70 oz actually
send birthday cards to everyone on my list in a timely manner - sent out January cards on time!
send get well/sympathy/thinking of you cards when appropriate - haven't needed these yet
keep in touch with my friends more - been trying
check in on mffl at least three days a week - done this so far
post to my blog/journal each night as well as update and my body control journal
do my morning and before bed routines each day - well, I've done all of these except the blog
develop an afternoon/evening routine and do it each day as well - haven't done this yet :(
have lesson plans ready for the week by Friday afternoon - I did last week, but it's Friday night and I don't have next week's done yet ...
grade papers and enter grades every day - did this every day so far except today!
have my homework completed at least 2 nights before class - done

looks like I'm doing OK!

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