Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mitsubishi - hallway golf

The fabulous people at Mitsubishi Electric in Braselton have adopted our special education department again this year. Last year they gave all of the kids and teachers awesome Christmas gifts, came to our holiday program and held a hallway golf tournament to raise money for us. So far this year, they have come out to visit us, come to Special Olympics, and our school fall festival. They are *AWESOME* and we appreciate them more than I can say.

Today is this year's hallway golf tournament. Mitsubishi's vendors have sponsored and built putt putt course holes – last year some of them were really elaborate and cool, I can't wait to see this year's –and then they set them up around the arehouse and office to create an 18 hole course. Teams from the office, vendors and nearby businesses sign up to play in the tournament.

This year, instead of two kids from each class, all of our self contained classes are taking everyone - so their workplace is about to be invaded by 40-something kiddos. I hope they ate their wheaties! But it promises to be an adventurous, exciting and fun-filled day!!

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