Monday, June 1, 2009

My cousin is such a cutie :-)

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin and her husband went to a shower in my mom and dad's neighborhood so mama got to watch Caden - so of course I headed over to play :-) And I have to say, Caden is just absolutely too precious and he's very smart!! And he certainly loves cars :-)
My favorite story from the evening: We were eating (burgers and hot dogs) - and I had mustard on my plate. Caden kept trying to dip his finger in my "yellow dip", so I put some on his plate. He tasted it and made the yuckiest face ever - then proceeded to take a spoon and scoop up a big spoonful and ate it all lol. "Colo - eat yellow dip! Spoon, Colo!" - Umm... no, Colo's not eating a spoonful of plain mustard lol.

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