Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beach Day Fun

Beach Day Fun, originally uploaded by MNicoleM.

Today was my favorite day of the school year, beach day. The kids have so much fun every year :-)

The whole school celebrates beach day but my class has more fun than the others lol. Most of the grade levels do a beachy craft of some sort, 4th grade had a watermelon spitting contest lol, they play volleyball w/ beach balls, etc. - but we do it up right in the self contained special education classes!

In my class we spend the last 2 or 3 weeks of school on the beach, reading stories about the beach, learning about ocean animals, learning beach/ocean related vocabulary, discussing wet/dry, etc. and it all culminates on beach day with tons of fun!

This year we made sand art pictures, then we wrote and drew in the sand, and searched for seashells in the sandbox. We sorted beach items by color to create goody bags (bucket, shovel, beach ball, fish toy, etc.), watched a Sponge Bob video, played with a BIG and little beach ball, and then went outside for the best part of the day - the water! We spent about an hour and a half playing in the water, had a popsicle and came inside for our "picnic on the beach" lunch. Then we changed out of our swimsuits and watched a video about ocean animals and then Elmo's summertime video about the beach while we rested to recover from all our fun (most of the kids conked out).

Here are all of my little Gilligans in their beach day garb:
Beach Day

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