Monday, July 7, 2008


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The trip to Deanburg was, as usual, less horrible than I always anticipate it being. We got to spend time with Chris's famiy, whom I love. I got to play with all lthe kids, which I enjoy. We went to Michael Joe and Ruth's new house - they have a huge piece of property with a lake, catfish, goats, a horse, etc. and it was beautiful. We went to Chickasaw park which was fun. Got to see the baby kittens which were absolutely adorable

In about a half hour my mom and I leave for the airport. The Autism Society of America conference is in Orlando this year. I usually go by myself, but I wanted to go to Disney World too - Chris couldn't get off work, so my mom is going with me. It should be fun, we haven't been on a trip together just us in a long time. The conference is Thurs, Fri and Sat - but we are going Monday through Monday. We plan to hit the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios, Downtown Disney, and a water park (or maybe both water parks). Hopefully I'll get some good pictures too!! I'm very excited :-)

We have a new pet sitter coming to take care of the babies. When she came for the initial visit, she stayed over an hour and a half and seems really great. Usually when we're out of town, mama takes care of the animals - but since she'll be with me (and Chris will be in Denver), we had to find someone else. The dogs took to her immediately, the bird seemed to like her and I got a good vibe. But that doesn't mean I won't worry lol
Yesterday, we were watching animal planet and Buffy fell in love with a hound dog ... she kept running up to the TV and staring so intently at this dog, it was hilariously precious lol
Buffy watching TV

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