Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Updates: Chris's dad is better and home (has moved to Deanburg), school is out so I survived another year, rough draft of my prospectus was due to my advisor Friday the 20th but I haven't turned it in yet, everything else is about the same :-) Seems like everyone around me is pregnant so I've been drinking gallons of the water but it doesn't seem to be working LOL

Today was the last day of post-planning for the 2010-11 school year (I no longer get the TOTY parking spot!).
I did manage to clean out the storage closets/rooms but the rest of my classroom still looks like a hurricane blew through. Tomorrow morning is ESY planning, Friday is the governance committee meeting, and ESY begins on Tuesday.

Our niece and nephew are coming to stay with us this summer!! I can't wait - love them to bits and we are going to have lots of fun. Add in my dissertation, Christina's wedding and Camp Mays and looks like I'll be pretty busy this summer :-)

Here are some pics from my latest photog sessions:

baby Charlie:

sweet little Laney:

Caitlyn, Billy and Brian:
Caitlyn Billy Brian

Jake and Ford:
Jake and Ford

the Fegan family:



the Russells:

and Easter pics with Max the bunny:

and a bonus picture that I snapped while in Athens, Mark Richt (he was getting his family pics made but allowed me to snap quick shot)
Mark Richt

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