Saturday, July 24, 2010

Camp Mays 2010

Camp Mays took our final adventure this Wednesday - to the Georgia Aquarium. I am SO beyond impressed with how well my students did on all of the trips, and other than a couple of incidents with ignorant people we had no problems at all!! I am unspeakably grateful to the people who helped out!!

This summer, we saw Toy Story 3, went to Jungle Jumpers and the playground, had a pool party at Sam's house, spent the ENTIRE day at Stone Mountain and saw the laser show and then visited the Aquarium.

My amazing husband, Chris, supported this "hare-brained scheme" (as he and my mom refer to much of what I do) in so many ways, not the least of which being financially. He also took two days off of work to go with us to Jungle Jumpers, (plus he went to get our lunch that day), and to the pool party. He is such a great man and is always so supportive of me and my job, he adores my kids, and I can't thank him enough for all that he does.

My indescribably awesome mom went on EVERY trip with us, helped me with phone calls, van rental, ticket purchasing, etc. She loaded and unloaded each kid while I drove the van, ran back and forth to the van to get forgotten things, and was the best "right-hand man" I could have asked for. She works over the summer and only has Fridays off - and she gave up EVERY Friday of her summer to help me out, and I appreciate that more than she could know :-)

My awesome parapro, Todd (Mr. Anglin) went on all the trips except for the pool party. He gave up his time off during the summer to help out and I hope he enjoyed getting to spend some fun quality time with the kiddos outside of school.

Mrs. Dollar (Stephanie), my wonderful amazing former student teacher (who will be teaching the SID/PID class at KES this year!!!) gave up 4 Fridays of her summer and helped out tremendously at Jungle Jumpers, the pool party, Stone Mountain and the Aquarium.

Sam's mom (Jennifer) went with us to Stone Mountain, donated money to Camp Mays AND opened up her home and pool to us for the pool party (and even jumped in fully clothed to help a kid!). Jennifer - you're awesome!!

My friend Ginny, who is in the PhD program with me at GSU and used to teach a class similar to mine in Rockdale County, went with us to Stone Mountain and the Aquarium and was invaluable on both trips. She gave up time that she could have used working on her dissertation to help out. Ginny - I can't thank you enough!!

One of my coworker's son, Chase, came to the pool party and went to Stone Mountain with us. Another coworker (Mrs. Hentenaar) who works with a couple of my students came to the pool party and her son and daughter, both certified lifeguards, came out to lifeguard for us!! KES is a wonderful school and the KES family is incredible :-) Thanks so much Chase, Trish, Caitlyn and Billy!!

Thanks to the parents who helped out. Seth's mom (Brenda) and his aunt (Dawn) went with us to Stone Mountain. Ryan's mom (Kim) went to the Aquarium with us. And most importantly, thanks SO much to the parents of my students who trusted me with their children and allowed me to take them on these fabulous adventures!!

Last but not least!! Thanks to Jungle Jumpers in Winder for their friendliness, discount, and for letting us use a party room. And thanks to Akins Ford in Winder for the great rate on the van!!

To read more about each adventure and see pictures, please visit my class blog

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