Tuesday, July 21, 2009

pardon my language, but Sonny Perdue can bite my @$$ ...

Teachers in Georgia are being forced to take 3 furlough days
“There's about 10 days there in pre-planning, post-planning, staff development and teacher work days that they have throughout the year and we're hopeful that these three days in this calendar year can be found where it doesn't affect student achievement,” said Perdue.
Ummm... Teacher training and planning doesn't affect student achievement?? Then why on earth do we participate in training and why do we plan?? Does this man realize how much work we (teachers) do OUTSIDE of work hours that we don't get paid for?? WTF???? We are all going to have to put that time in anyway, and he knows that!! The majority of teachers care enough about their students that they will still use those 3 days (or enough hours in other days to make up for those 3 days) for planning and other work-related purposes ... this is just another way for him to pay us even less. On top of the promised pay increases we haven't seen and won't see.

I wonder how many furlough days he's taking?!

*sigh* it's a good thing I love my job ...

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Chris Mays said...

It's one of those things. For people like Purdue, education will never be a priority. The sad part is that we are already 49th and 50th in virtually every metric for educating our children, and they are actively working to make things worse.