Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Walk Now For Autism

Walk Now For Autism, originally uploaded by MNicoleM.

Last weekend (May 3rd) was the Georgia "Walk Now for Autism" fundraising walk for Autism Speaks. Sixteen people walked with me on my team - two students, their families, my husband and mom, one of my parapros, my student teacher and a 5th grade teacher from KES. It was a great day, Daniel and Sam did a great job walking and we all had lots of fun.

Leading up to the walk, my students did some fundraisers at school - we made and sold bookmarks, baked brownies and cookies then had a bake sale, cooked and served breakfast to the teachers and made/sold notecard and envelope stationery sets. My team raised over $600 total!!

Making bookmarks:


Making brownies


Making breakfast casserole

Breakfast casserole

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