Monday, August 4, 2008

Week In Review

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I'll work backwards over the last several days to catch up lol.
Over the weekend we celebrated Susan's birthday - it was actually July 26th but she was in Illinois ... we went to lunch with the Browns, had cake and played games and she got lots o' gifts

Happy Birthday!

Friday Jodi and I went to the teacher store to spend our "Sonny Money" ($100 gift card from the governor to spend on school supplies) and I got to see Caden - gosh he's getting so BIG!

Caden at the teacher store

Thursday Walton County started back to school so Susan and Harrison started 7th and 2nd grade! Man I'm getting old ol

Wednesday I took Sam and Susan to Lake Lanier water park. I've babysat Sam a few days over the summer (he's one of my students) and he doesn't really understand how to separate me the teacher from me the person - and he gets a little agitated when I babysit him and won't have much to do with me ... so I figured taking him somewhere fun might help - and it did ... until I came back the next day lol

Susan and Sam

Monday Susan got home from Illinois, she spent Tues afternoon/night with me (and Wednesday at Lake Lanier)

Monday we mailed in the final paperwork for our adoption, so now we wait. Next is the interview - the social worker will come to our house, inspect it and interview us ... then when they type up their report, we go "in the book" and wait for a pregnant woman to choose us to parent her child!

Sunday we went to Barnesville to see my mother-in-law and grandma

Betty Grandma Chris

and I think that catches everything up lol

Oh - Chris and I saw Mama Mia last night - it was excellent :-)
Today I took Sam to school with me to clean out my desk - my room is starting to shape up, I still have to clean out and reorganize my files (12 drawers), hook up my computers (4 of them), and other miscellaneous stuff before I go back on Monday.

Tomorrow I'm taking Gigi to Six Flags - but she keeps getting mad when I call it that, she *insists* it is Five Flags lol. Then Wed and Thurs I'm keeping Sam again. Monday I start back to work -what happened to the summer?!?!? And then in 16 days I turn 30!!

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Mary said...

Hey Nicole, just reading your blog and I wanted to say that I hope your adoption goes through well and FAST!