Friday, July 18, 2008

Sleep Apnea

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Well at the doctor this morning, I found out that I *do* in fact have sleep apnea. An RDI (respiratory disturbance index) of 0-5 is normal, 5-15 is mild apnea, 15-30 is moderate apnea and over 30 is severs - mine was 26. Which is weird because 7 years ago when I was first tested it was below 5 ... who knows.
Anyway, the main thing is that now we know and can get it taken care of and maybe for the first time I won't be so sleepy all the time!! I go back on Thursday to get calibrated for a C-Pap machine.

I also found out why my thigh has been numb for almost 3 months - apparently something called meralgia paresthetica which is just a pinched nerve b/c I'm fat :-) But at least I know it's nothing serious. And I've lost 7 pounds since the end of May (yeah, I know I lost 50 last year and then gained it all back).

But on the plus side, I was cleared to drive again! And celebrated by driving to Atlanta for a Handwriting Without Tears workshop - well the first half of it anyway. I go back tomorrow for the rest of it. I've actually used the program since I began teaching but have never been to an "official" workshop - so I signed me and my paras up for it. We got lots of free goodies, so even if we get nothing else out of it it was worth it lol. Today's session didn't really teach me anything I didn't get from reading the teacher's manuals, but I hope my paras learned something anyway. They said they enjoyed it.

Now it's off to bed because we leave tomorrow at 7:15 to go back to Atlanta!! Hopefully no one will knock on my window or shoot at me tonight!! Chris will be home soon to protect me lol.

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