Friday, July 25, 2008


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So I had my sleep study with the CPAP machine last night. Of course having that contraption on my face and all the wires didn't interfere with my ability to sleep at all - which seems weird to some. I didn't notice much from just the one night - though I did wake up after about 6 hours of sleep and was unable to go back to sleep - which is odd for me - but then I came home and was able to sleep for 2 more hours.
Apparently the people at the medical supply place will call me soon and bring over my very own elephant trunk face mask thingy - and I can look this sexy EVERY night in the comfort of my own home! How will Chris be able to keep his hands off me??

Six Flags

Harrison and I went to Six Flags on Wednesday - he didn't want to ride anything "too high, too fast, spinny or upside down" - so we rode the Dahlonega Mine Train, Monster Plantation, Log Jamboree, Canyon Blaster, Carousel, Up up and away, Tugboat, Hansen Cars, Bumper Cars and the Sky Buckets. He really wanted to ride Thunder River but it was closed al day :-( He had a really good time - and while I would have loved to ride the big coasters, I enjoyed the day with him. Week after next I am going back and taking Gigi - I think she'll enjoy the two little kid sections, and she can ride a couple of the rides Harrison and I rode too. I'm trying to get my nephew Josh down here to go with me to ride the big stuff.

The next two Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll be back at my old house babysitting Sam - and of course he hates to be in the same room with me so he'll go downstairs and play and I'll sit upstairs and work on stuff for the beginning of the school year. Then on August 5 it's back to school (kids start back on the 11th). This summer seemed SUPER short!!

Oh! And my birthday is coming up in 26 days! Not sure what I'm going to do for my birthday this year - Chris doesn't want to do Chuck E Cheese again (did that for my 27th and 29th bdays). Maybe we'll just have a little party at home with a few friends. But I will no longer be able to say I'm "in my twenties" - when did I grow up?!?!

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