Thursday, February 1, 2007

January Resolution Recap

Well, one month into 2007 - I figured it's a good time to review my progress towards my resolutions and maybe modify one or two of them :-)

So here are my new year's resolutions for 2007:

1. eat fewer than 2000 calories every day
Two days early in the month I went over 2000, seven days I ate between 1600 and 2000 and the other days I ate less than 1600 calories. Hooray! I figure twenty-nine days out of thirty-one is great, so even though I didn't "technically" meet the goal, I'm proud of me.

2. walk the dogs at least 2 days a week
This one I did! Chris and I plan to take them to the park every Sat and Sun (weather permitting) which we did last weekend - if the weather's bad on the weekend, I will try to walk them around the neighborhood during the week.

3. walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill at least 4 days a week
Did this one too! Woohoo! I've also started doing either yoga, pilates or a mixture of the two in the afternoons/evening at least 3 days a week, so I'm adding that to the resolution

4. drink at least 5 glasses (40 oz) of water each day
I have been drinking way more than that - This one I want to modify to drink at least 5 BOTTLES of water (85 oz) each day - I thought this would be much harder for me since I hate water, but I can drink the flavored water easily. I'm very proud to say I have had NO regular soda all year, I've had less than ONE diet coke and only TWO diet Sprites. Everything else has either been V8fusion juice or regular V8. Yay me!

5. send birthday cards to everyone on my list in a timely manner
I sent all of January and the first week of February so far, at least for the people who's birthday I have in my calendar - there are a few people I still don't have, so I need to find out when their birthday is!

6. send get well/sympathy/thinking of you cards when appropriate
Sent a couple this month - no sympathy cards needed thankfully, and I actually sent get well flowers instead of a card, but I think that counts

7. keep in touch with my friends more
I'm trying!

8. check in on mffl at least three days a week

9. post to my blog/journal each night as well as update and my body control journal
do my morning and before bed routines each day
This is one I want to change. I find it very hard to update my blog every night, most days are really boring lol and I'm not a good enough writer to come up with creative things to write ... so I'll try to update the blog once a week. Fitday and my CJ I've done every day and my routines I missed two nights and two mornings.

10. develop an afternoon/evening routine and do it each day as well
Well ... I haven't really developed this yet ... oops

11. have lesson plans ready for the week by Friday afternoon
Again ... oops ...

12. grade papers and enter grades every day
One more oops ...

13. have my homework completed at least 2 nights before class
At least I get to end it with a success!! I've done this one :-)

I hope to lose 44 pounds by May - so far I'm down 19 pounds in one month!! It's a wonderful start! I'm almost halfway there and I've got 4 months to lose the rest ...

I hope to get my cholesterol down by April - won't know this until I go in April to get my blood tested

I hope to have a baby by Christmas - nothing so far, but we're still trying lol

I hope to continue to make A's in school - haven't gotten any grades yet this semester

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