Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

So ... I've started and forgotten several blogs in the past, at least three ... One of my new years resolutions this year is to take time to post *something* each day :-)

To catch up and begin the new year predictably with resolutions, here we go :

Successes and Celebrations from 2006 resolutions:
I kept the following rooms/spaces organized ALL YEAR!!:
kitchen cabinets
hall game closet
hall gift closet
foyer coat closet (mostly)
bathroom cabinet
I rarely let laundry pile up to more than two loads total
I kept my sink shiny almost every day of the year
I made all A's in my classes and am one year closer to my PhD
I sent cards to all of the boardies (even if some were late) and most family members (I missed a few in Sept/Oct/Nov)
I cleaned out lots of junk and clutter and kept the house neat and presentable

So basically last year I came a long way towards living a more organized and less cluttered life! I also did a few things for me that weren't resolutions as I started to become more interested in taking care of myself as well as my home: I started getting massages regularly, drinking a little more water (still room for improvement), found an ADD coach and have tackled some time management issues (also room for improvement).

So here are my new year's resolutions for 2007:
eat fewer than 2000 calories every day
walk the dogs at least 2 days a week
walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill at least 4 days a week
drink at least 5 glasses (40 oz) of water each day
send birthday cards to everyone on my list in a timely manner
send get well/sympathy/thinking of you cards when appropriate
keep in touch with my friends more
check in on mffl at least three days a week
post to my blog/journal each night as well as update and my body control journal
do my morning and before bed routines each day
develop an afternoon/evening routine and do it each day as well
have lesson plans ready for the week by Friday afternoon
grade papers and enter grades every day
have my homework completed at least 2 nights before class

I hope to lose 44 pounds by May
I hope to get my cholesterol down by April
I hope to have a baby by Christmas
I hope to continue to make A's in school

So in other news: Chris and I have decided to begin the process of adoption as soon as we reduce some of our debt (we're thinking maybe May we'll apply for our home study if all goes well) which is exciting! We are still going to try to conceive a biological child as well, but I've always wanted to adopt and we decided to go for it. Who knows, maybe we'll get matched and get pregnant at the same time and have two babies around the same age! We do want to adopt an infant, though (well, Chris does - I'd be fine fostering or adopting a waiting child or child with special needs, but we have to compromise, right?) and we're most likely going to go through an agency.

I've taken up photography and started scrapbooking a little, so that's taking up a lot of my free time. I have to rein in my obsession and make sure I leave enough time and energy for the other things in my life and not neglect school and work for fun as I'm known to do when I discover a new passion! But many of my blog posts will likely be stories to describe photos I have taken that day, so look out :-)

Anyway, it's almost January 2nd now, so I'm gonna wrap this up. It was supposed to be a short introduction to my new "I'm really gonna post almost every day this time" blog, and it kinda got away from me :-) Toodles!

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